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Interior Design Trends 2022-2023

Calm and Welcoming

After being all couped up in the house due to the pandemic (and now possibly going back in) there is a sort of need to rethink about ourselves and our lifestyle. There is a bigger need for our homes to transmit tranquility and calmness while being more welcoming. Also, it is imperative for our homes to be more functional as we are now moving into a more sustainable lifestyle. We are no longer buying things "just to have" we are looking to purchase high quality and functional furniture. The concept of WFH – work from home, is becoming more and more common so in many homes there is a need to replan the space to accommodate this change.

The Contemporary style is one of the most popular styles since the 20th century. It incorporates functionality and simplicity a feeling that "everything is in its place". Don’t get it confused with the minimalistic design – which is more of an "extreme spareness".

Contemporary interior design is based on the principles of comfort, simplicity and elegance. The furniture is characterized by lines and geometric shapes.

Today, many of the contemporary furniture that we see in stores are in fact a rebirth (or a replica) of the mid-century designs by famous designers such as Eames, Knolls, Herman Miller…

The main color palette will be earth tones, neutrals and/or greys. Accent color may be a blue/violet tone, like Pantone's "Very Peri" – color of the year for 2022. Floors will be mostly wood, laminate or concrete and fabrics will include natural fibers (like linen and cotton).

To finish the look with some style, make sure to add either metal elements or sculptures, large plants, modern paintings or oversized mirrors, floor lamps, rugs and don’t forget the curtains. No need to overdo it with accessories - Just keep it simple and elegant.

Lastly, add a sentimental piece (pictures, art collections) to keep your spirits high and to help you connect to the place you call home.

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