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Interior Color Trends for summer 2022

I have been asked by several clients and friends about the trending colors this summer and how to incorporate them into their homes. So here are a few options to consider before you begin remodeling your space.

[Image: Dulux's 2022 colors]

Today's colors are all about tranquility. Colors that will make you feel more balanced and in harmony with your true self. You can begin by choosing from Dulux's color for 2022 called "Bright Skies" - a bright blue toned color that radiates optimism. Or you can opt to choose from the Benjamin Moore 2022 collection called "October Mist" - a color that is more "silver/greenish" toned.

To give you a feeling of freshness and nature.

[Image: Benjamin Moore 2022 collection]

For those of you who prefer to stick to a more earthy color tone and still be trendy choose either Tambour's 2022 color called "Wishing well" or Pantone's "Coca Mocha" for a richer/darker color.

[Image: The décor trends] Remember that paint colors will look different on each wall depending on the amount of light. So, before you start painting your whole house, get yourself a small jar and test it on your walls to make sure it looks perfect.

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